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Why Do I Need Hormex?

Don’t be fooled by marketing propaganda that claims to accelerate growth and root any plant variety with a single strength rooting product or fertilizer. For over 50 years we have spent our time and money on research and development for the industry and know that all plants require different levels of essential hormones to root and grow properly. With 5 strengths of rooting powders and an essential hormones plus vitamin B1 liquid concentrate we know what it takes to be a successful grower.


Just like for humans, food (fertilizer) is essential, but to truly grow bigger and stronger we need additional supplements. That’s where Hormex Liquid Concentrate comes into play. Hormex is a true plant growth accelerator and shock stopper with essential plant growth hormones AND vitamin B1 to reduce stress so your plant can focus on growing instead of surviving. From amateurs to professionals, we have worked with all ranges of people. No other company has dedicated over 50 years to cloning success, accelerated growth and preventing transplant shock. (quick tips: Hormex Concentrate can also be used as a presoak for cuttings and significantly increases success rate of hydroponic & aeroponic setups when added to the reservoir. When used as a lawn drench, after a couple of uses your roots will be strong enough to cut back on your watering… saving you time, money, and help the environment)


Hormex products have been proven by professionals and university studies to have the highest cloning success rate and fastest plant growth compared other products on the market!

Hormex Vitamin B1 &
Hormones Concentrate

is a powerful blend of proven rapid plant growth stimulants and Vitamin B1. It  accelerates growth by stimulating plant cells and feeder roots. Result? Healthier, stronger stem and root system, lush, hearty green foliage, amazing grass and beautiful flowers! Hormex Concentrate works great with all growing mediums, including hydroponic and aeroponic systems. No other product on the market will help your plants grow as fast or as lush and healthy as Hormex Liquid Concentrate.



Some product highlights:

  • Stops planting shock
  • Accelerates plant growth
  • Promotes healthier foliage
  • May be used to clone plants and root cuttings
  • Reduces lawn and plant watering
  • Improves hydroponic and aeroponic success rate
  • Cut flowers and Christmas trees last longer
  • Highly concentrated. Best value for your money
  • Only Hormex is Hormogenized™ … the exclusive process that assures consistant plant growth

Hormex Rooting Powders

are comprised of 5 strengths of IBA (Indole-3-butyric acid) based Hormogenized™ rooting powders. After 55 years it’s still the finest root producing powder and the only company to offer 5 strengths for every rooting variety and propagating condition. Not all plants require the same strength. Efficacy is especially important when your income relies on your planting and growing success. Hormex Rooting Powders are naturally time released so they remain effective longer than other products on the market.



Some product highlights:

  • 5 strengths for the fastest rooting and highest cloning success rate
  • Clone plants and root cuttings
  • Superior results compared to any other rooting product
  • Naturally time released for best results
  • Works in all growing mediums
  • Great for Air layering & Grafting
  • Used by the worlds top propagators
  • Hormogenized™ for consistent rooting and plant growth
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More Testimonials I guess it’s been 22+ years since I first started using Hormex. Every plant I divided, and also the ones that I repotted, always got a ‘dose’ of Hormex to help them get established. However, it wasn’t until I switched from houseplants to orchids that I really came to appreciate the wonders of Hormex. I now have a greenhouse full and am an American Orchid Society accredited Orchid judge. Anytime I repot or divide an Orchid, it gets some Hormex - or what I call ‘Repotting Magic’. I believe the Hormex gives plants that ‘something extra special’ to help suppress the trauma of repotting, and I have received several AOS awards which to me are proof of its ‘magical’ abilities. I even use it when I cut an Orchid inflorescence to display on my windowsill. The inflorescence lasts for several weeks. - Alice, Los Angeles, CA