More Testimonials “My parents have a beautiful garden on the side of their house. I have been trying to start my own for some time now but never get the results they do. I’m a bit of a hard head when it comes to asking for help. Well… this last 4th of July I gave in and asked what their secret was. Good soil and Hormex. REALLY??!! My Dad went out to his shed and grabbed me a 16 oz. bottle of Hormex liquid. He showed me some basic tips and I have been using Hormex ever since. Haven’t tried the powders yet but for what I am doing the liquid is amazing. I have tried other products that are similar… even in name. Nothing provides the results that I get from Hormex. I paid my Dad back for the bottle and bought him a new one. This stuff works!! My goal is to have them over for dinner in a couple months and show them how my garden looks better then theirs now. HAHA! Of course I have more time to work on it and more space.” - Josh, Simi Valley, CA

What is Hormex?

Hormex Liquid Concentrate 
is a very powerful proprietary blend of proven plant growth stimulants and Vitamin B-1. It promotes amazing plant growth by stimulating plant cells and feeder roots. Result? Lush, hearty green foliage, amazing grass and beautiful flowers!

Hormex Rooting Powders
are comprised of 5 strengths of IBA plant stimulant “Hormogenized™” rooting powders. After 50 years it’s still the finest root producing powder and the only rooting powders to offer 5 strengths for every rooting variety and propagating condition.

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Nationally known horticultural specialist Nellie Neal and Hormex team up to bring you monthly blogs packed with useful information. Click here to view our blog.

We at Hormex would like to congratulate Nellie Neal (GardenMama) on the release of her new book Gardener’s Guide to Tropical Plants: Cool Ways to Add Hot Colors, Bold Foliage, and Striking Textures.

Copies are available from amazon.com, and signed copies are available from her at www.gardenmama.com.

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