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The History of Hormex

Hormex-Bottle---Original-Glass-BottleIn 1959, Gary Brooker Ph.D., son of landscape architect and professional horticulturist, Leonard Brooker, formulated what is now known as Hormex Liquid Concentrate. As a young organic chemist with significant horticultural experience, Gary identified the need for a highly effective growth hormone solution that would accelerate plant growth, effectively stop transplanting shock and assist in plant propagation. After much research, he also found commercial rooting compounds did not root cuttings fast enough or with consistency. Nurseries and plant enthusiasts were not experiencing satisfactory plant growth and propagation. They were losing plants due to root shock and needed to improve their propagation yield and consistency. Meeting this challenge, he developed Hormex Rooting Powders. Gary and his brother Steven started production in a small garage and eventually outgrew the home operation as the horticultural world discovered amazing results from these amazing formulations. Starting with strengths 1, 3, 8 and 16, they later added strengths 30 and 45 for consistent fast propagation of very difficult to propagate hardwood cuttings. (#45 has been discontinued. Please try #30 for excellent results.) Over 50 years later, Hormex is still rooting and growing like no other.

Hormex is used by some of the worlds top professional growers. Find it in nurseries, hydroponic shops and web stores across the US.