Over the years Hormex has worked with many professional growers. During this time we have partnered up with a few of them for some informative blogs, tips and tricks. Check out what some of them have written about below or search for something specific.

One of the many wonderful things about Spring

One of the many wonderful things about Spring, and there are many wonderful things about Spring, is the fact that it’s bug season.  Yes, bug season. Now, many people cringe at just the thought of [...]


Here at Hormex we never shy away from using as many all natural inputs in our gardens as possible.  From non toxic insecticide alternatives like table salt rings around plants for slugs and snails (use [...]

Growing Plans

As winter is leaving and the days begin to get just a little bit longer, the constant Gardner is already experiencing a heightened anticipation of the coming of spring.  And like preparing to go back [...]

What are Auxins?

Auxins are a class of plant hormones (or plant growth substances) with some morphogen-like characteristics. Auxins have a cardinal role in coordination of many growth and behavioral processes in the plant's life cycle and are essential [...]

Rooting Gel Vs Rooting Powder

AVOID USING “GEL” BASED ROOTING PRODUCTS. ROOTING GEL VS ROOTING POWDER. Rooting gels are known to create optimal conditions for root rot. Root rot is caused by high moisture and low oxygen. In addition, they contain preservatives [...]

Plant Root Hormones – Achieving Hormonal Balance

Misconceptions about plant root hormones As a company that specializes in plant root hormones, we receive many questions regarding plant root hormones. We therefore often need to clear up misconceptions. Sometimes people think plant root [...]

The Perfect Poinsettia

If not for Joel Roberts Poinsett, the first United States Minister to Mexico, introducing Euphorbia pulcherrima to the United States in 1825, our decked halls would look quite different. Perhaps there would be offerings such [...]

Portable Greenhouse

If you’re anything like me then you’ll still have a number of plants in your garden that have been prepped for propagation over the summer but are still waiting to be pruned. If there are [...]

Before the Fall (ends)

Now that it has been over a month since the Autumnal Equinox, have you had a chance to begin propagating your favorite plants? Well if the answer is “no,” then you’re not alone. But, if [...]

No media required – Aeroponics

It’s been said that hydroponics is the Cadillac of gardening. If that is the case, then aeroponics is surely the Ferrari. Propagating clones aeroponicallly has proven to be one of the fastest methods for producing [...]