Goldcrest Cypress

You asked a good question about our products and the lovely Goldcrest cypress. Yes, the numbers after different Hormex products refer in a shorthand sort of way to the strength of the product. This range of IBA concentrations really sets Hormex apart and makes your job as a propagator more successful. The numbers range from [...]

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Indoor Garden Update

If you took my advice a few weeks back and stuck some cuttings taken from your tropical plants, it is time to check in on them. If the soil is staying quite wet, or if water droplets stay on the inside of the rooting box more than half the time, you are keeping it too [...]

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Propagating Orchids

Making divisions is one of several ways to propagate orchids and it is better done in spring with hopes of new flowers in one year. Gently slip the orchid to be divided out of its pot onto a bench or tray. If it is difficult to get the rootball out of its pot, break the [...]

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Bleach: Friend or Foe?

Chlorine bleach is a volatile liquid that should only be used in well-ventilated areas. You know this if you have ever choked on bleach fumes in a closed laundry room. When it comes to keeping a rooting box clean, it has no rival for the home gardener. Mix a solution of 1 part bleach to [...]

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Lucky Breaks

There are lots of ways to root leaves and when a catastrophe give you plenty of fallen ones, put them to good use. Here are 3 kinds of leaves you can root using Hormex products: Leaves that need to heal over, or callus, before cloning Leaves that need a stem to support them in propagation [...]

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Rooting Woodies in Autumn

At this time of year and frankly, because pure green cuttings of woody plants are much harder to clone, you will also want to strip some bark before sticking. Here’s what to do: take 6 inch tip cuttings, longer if you are not using a single blade knife and thus will have to recut before [...]

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The Right Layer

When a plant is difficult to root from a cutting because it is very woody or has a fleshy cane, try layering. By rooting your clone while it is still attached to its mother plant, you can take advantage of mama’s vascular system. The flow of water and nutrients will only be slightly impeded by [...]

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Hush Your Mouth

Or more properly, cover it and your nose, too, when working with dry materials like peat and perlite. These two make a fine rooting mix in a 1:1 ratio, and bagged mixes are available as ‘soil-less potting mix’ like the Metro Mix products. Their packages seem to weigh nothing because they are bagged very dry [...]

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Summer Watering

Be conscious of summer temperature when watering cuttings set to root. All plants can be vulnerable to that first blast of hot water from a hose or watering can, but new cuttings are especially at risk. They exist in porous rooting media, usually in small spaces with few or no roots. The hot water sitting [...]

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Use The Right Thing

Strength matters, whether it is the alcohol content of your favorite brewski or the rooting hormone you choose for a particular plant. While it may be considered more efficient to down the more potent beer, using a stronger rooting hormone than a plant requires will not be rewarded with greater result. A plant that can [...]

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Avoid Overwatering

For more success in propagating flats of coleus, shrub cuttings, and anything else you are rooting outdoors in the shade, monitor rainfall and irrigation closely. Just as overwatering kills more container plants than any pest, saturated soil can spell doom for vulnerable cuttings. Roots and root hairs can be easily overwhelmed when too much water [...]

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Blueberry Wisdom

If you have a wonderful old blueberry bush and want more of its superb fruit, why not propagate it? As long as it has no patent to protect it from your efforts, go ahead now and check the wood. New growth is soft, later it is called semi-hard, but the wood you want is between [...]

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