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Tips and Tricks From Some of Our Horticultural Specialists

Portable Greenhouse


If you’re anything like me then you’ll still have a number of plants in your garden that have been prepped for propagation over the summer but are still waiting to be pruned. If there are those looming factors of time and space holding you up (not having enough of both), then there is no reason to fret as you might still be able to gain a few more weeks before everything completely freezes [...]

Watch the Salt


In our ongoing look at the health of plants and their surrounding medium, and for our ongoing fun in using dietary analogies, today we look at the detrimental effects of too much salt in the soil of potted plants.  Overly high salinity leads to the burning of roots and leaves and inhibits a plant’s ability to absorb water.  For this reason, we need to be careful not to add to many inputs i.e. [...]

Succulent Success


Summer is a great time to begin propagating succulents as this is the time when many go through their most active phase of growth for the year.  Depending on your zone and whether they are growing indoors or outdoors, it is important not to treat all succulents in the same way.  As you can imagine there is a big difference in the environmental needs of say a Sedum planted on a living roof [...]

Serf and Turf


There is no need to become a serf to your summer lawn, committing mornings, evenings and possibly scorching afternoons, monotonously overwatering (where available) or worse, having to spray paint bald spots. How often have you agonized over whether that large brown patch in the middle of the front yard is just devoid of water or suffering a biotic blight of parasitic nematodes? That is why, once again, we’re preaching prevention by promoting the [...]

Get a Vitamin B1 shot — for Your Plant!


With the change of season and some early heat waves, I began to notice the leaves of the Mandevilleas that curtain my front gate beginning to turn yellow.  Now, since I had been making sure to monitor the moisture level of the surrounding soil between watering’s.  And having already applied a slow release fertilizer a couple of months earlier when the leaves began to appear, I didn’t know what else to do.  However, [...]

Bottom Heat?


If you are ready to root cuttings of overgrown houseplants or start seeds for the spring garden, you need this sweet heat. Soil conditions kept just warmer than average room temperature will be fine to keep most roots happy and growing. Look for heating cables to warm a flat of soil or a mat to lie underneath it. Both will be labeled for greenhouse use and will have simple technologies to regulate heat. [...]

Propagating Succulents


Succulent plants store water in their leaves very efficiently because they evolved to thrive in areas with prolonged dry seasons. If you travel during the week or have more sunlight in a room than most plants can tolerate or if you are prone to forget to water, succulents are for you. My favorites include rosary vine, burro’s tail, aloe vera, jade plant, and pearl plant, a Haworthia that you should grow. Keep reading [...]

Mum Cuttings


I want to take mum cuttings, cut them to length, and then store them in a cooler for 3-4 weeks prior to sticking them in my propagating medium.  I know I can dip the cuttings into the powder prior to bagging and storing them.  My question is:  How long can I effectively store them in the cooler?  I have received unrooted cuttings that have been dipped into a rooting powder.  I just would [...]

The Gift of Propagation


I hope you had great success rooting pothos in water or begonias in loose mix for gifts. It’s down to the wire to pot them up, put on the wrapping, and deliver the goods! Use a good quality potting mix with fertilizer added to make the transition easier, especially for the non-gardeners on your list. Now, raise the bar on your own propagation passion – give yourself rooting cubes made of oasis or [...]

Hormex Rooting Powder Strengths


It’s a good question – what do the numbers mean after Hormex, like #3 or #1? Do they refer to IBA? Yes, the numbers after different Hormex products refer in a shorthand sort of way to the strength of the product. This range of IBA concentrations really sets Hormex apart and makes your job as a propagator more successful. The numbers range from Hormex #1 to the most concentrated, #30, indicating their relative [...]

Inducing Callusing on Dormant Vitis Vinifera Grape Vine Cuttings


Q: I wanted to inquire as to which of your products is best for inducing callusing on dormant vitis vinifera grape vine cuttings. following callusing I would root the cuttings in tube pots would you use any other of your products when planting into tube pots. I do have bottom heat in my green house. Thank you. Here’s my answer and then some additional comments. A: Hormex #8 rooting powder is recommended for [...]

Pleasing Propagators


I’m making a list and checking it twice to be sure all the gifts are nice enough for people who want to do more rooting in the New Year. Start here and keep reading for a different kind of gift. Hormex Home Garden Packs are available at the website in 2 different sets of 3 concentrations. Give one or both to suit every rooting desire. Grow Lights in fixtures with plant racks use [...]