Root and grow plants from cuttings, including fruits and vegetables, faster and healthier than ever before with our Snip N Dip rooting powders. Available in five strengths to ensure the perfect level of accelerated root growth. Due to the nature of our rooting powders, they provide anti-fungal properties which helps to prevent root rot. In addition, you don’t need to worry about effecting your pH levels since it is a powder, not a gel. Hormexs’ famous Snip N Dip rooting powders are used by some of the world’s top growers and have been proven to produce roots faster and more uniform than any other available rooting product. Truly unrivaled cloning success! (Be careful of gel based products which provide the perfect environment for root rot. Too much moisture and not enough oxygen.)Please visit our Hormex Plant Guide to find which rooting powder is best for you. If your plant variety is not listed, please start with our Snip N’ Dip Rooting Powder #3 as it is the most well rounded. If you know your plant is hard to root, try our Snip N’ Dip #8 (grow the best tomatoes you’ve ever had and more).

Available in residential and agricultural use sizes. Ask your local nursery, hydroponics shop or distributor about Hormex products or click here to buy online.

Some product highlights:

  • 5 strengths for the fastest rooting and highest cloning success rate
  • Grow tasty fruit and vegetables
  • Works in all growing mediums
  • Excellent for Hydroponics, air layering and grafting
  • Used by some of the world’s top propagators
  • Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings
  • Alcohol and preservative free
  • Allows proper oxygen levels
  • Use with Hormex Snip N Dip Rooting Cubes for even better results
  • Hormogenized™ for consistent rooting and plant growth

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As quickly as possible make cuttings, dip in Hormex Rooting Powder, and plant.
1. Cuttings should be moistened before treatment, then shake off excess moisture.
2. Dip base of cuttings into Hormex Rooting Powder.
3. Tap cutting to remove excess powder.
4. Plant treated cuttings in rooting media, being careful not to rub off rooting powder when planting.