Hormex Rooting Cubes

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The best medium for cloning plants from cuttings

Due to years of using mediocre crumbling rooting cubes to clone plants, we decided it was time for something completely new: Hormex Premium Rooting Cubes.


Hormex Premium Rooting Cubes are made with the perfect blend of coco, peat moss & worm castings for the highest cloning and seeding success. Hormex Premium Rooting Cubes will not crumble and therefore allow handling of your cuttings sooner. Made with organic ingredients, our cubes have proven to be more effective in every field and lab test completed.

Hormex Premium Snip N Dip Rooting Cubes work great with hydroponic applications. Furthermore, you can also transfer your cuttings directly to soil or other growing medium. When used with Hormex Rooting Powders, your roots develop faster than with any gel or powder on the market. As a bonus, each tray comes with 1 FREE PACKET of Hormex Rooting Powder #8.

  • Made with the perfect blend of coco, peat moss & worm castings for best results!
  • Works great with hydroponic applications or transfer directly to soil or other growing medium.
  • Tray with cubes comes with a FREE PACKET of Hormex Rooting Powder #8. (resealable 50 cube refill bags also available)
  • Clone plants from cuttings or start new plants from seed.
  • Made with organic ingredients, hence our products are biodegradable and compostable.
  • Flexible and aerated pre-moistened cubes that will not crumble, designed for faster root development and earlier handling of clones.
  • Provides insulation and natural buffering for optimum air/water ratios, uniform growth, and superior lateral root development.
  • For truly unrivaled cloning success, use with Hormex rooting products.