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Hormex Liquid Concentrate plus Vitamin B1

is a powerful plant growth accelerator & transplant shock stopper plus Vitamin B1. Questions… Do you have struggling or slow growing plants or grass? Do you want them to grow bigger and more beautiful than ever before? If either answer is yes, than you need Hormex Liquid Concentrate. The ultimate solution for accelerated root and overall healthy plant growth as well as for plants suffering from transplant shock, weathering, wilting, and weak roots and stem. Unlike fertilizers, Hormex Liquid Concentrate accelerates growth by stimulating plant cells and feeder roots. Result? Healthier, stronger stem and root system, lush, hearty green foliage, amazing grass and beautiful flowers! Hormex Liquid Concentrate works great with your fertilizing program and with all growing mediums, including hydroponic and aeroponic systems.


No other product on the market has over 50 years of research behind it and is still the most effective plant growth accelerator that improves the overall health of your plants. Try it and you’ll see for yourself why so many professional growers use it.


Some product highlights:


  • Stops transplant shock
  • Accelerates plant growth
  • Promotes healthier foliage
  • May be used to clone plants and root cuttings
  • Reduces lawn and plant watering
  • Improves hydroponic and aeroponic success rate
  • Reduce plant stress due to weather conditions
  • Cut flowers and Christmas trees last longer
  • Highly concentrated. Best value for your money
  • Only Hormex is Hormogenized™ … the exclusive process that assures consistant plant growth


(quick tips: Hormex Concentrate can also be used as a presoak for cuttings and significantly increases success rate of hydroponic & aeroponic setups when added to the reservoir. When used as a lawn drench, after a couple of uses your roots will be strong enough to cut back on your watering… saving you time, money, and help the environment)

Hormex Rooting Powders

come in 5 strengths for all plant varieties and growing conditions. University and professional studies have proven a significantly higher cloning success rate with our rooting powders in multiple propagating conditions. Grow amazing, lush plants with beautiful flowers or watch your garden flourish with more tasty vegetables and fruit than ever before. (Be careful of gel based products which provide the perfect environment for root rot. Too much moisture and not enough oxygen)

Please visit our Hormex Plant Guide to find your rooting powder strength now. If your plant variety is not listed, please start with our Snip N’ Dip #3 rooting powder (clone beautiful azalias and more). If you know your plant is hard to root, try our Snip N’ Dip #8 (grow the best tomatoes you’ve ever had and more).


After 50 years, Hormex still provides the best rooting product available and is the fastest way to grow your own plants.


Some product highlights:


  • Clone plants from cuttings
  • 5 strengths for the fastest rooting and highest cloning success rate
  • Healthy and fast root production
  • Grow tasty fruit and vegetables
  • Naturally time released for best results
  • Works in all growing mediums
  • Great for Air layering and Grafting
  • Used by the worlds top propagators
  • Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings naturally
  • Alcohol and preservative free
  • Allows proper oxygen levels
  • Hormogenized™ for consistent rooting and plant growth


(quick tips: Be sure to tap powder out into a small container (like a shot glass) for dipping. Never dip your cuttings in container as you could contaminate the product. Always be sure to use steril cutting utensils when clipping your cuttings. Amazing results will follow!)

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“We use Hormex Concentrate to prevent transplant shock during root pruning and repotting our bonsai trees. We used to use Superthrive but started looking for an alternative when they changed the formula. Hormex is the best product we’ve ever used.” - Joe Cain, Artisans Bonsai www.artisansbonsai.com, Thonotosassa, FL - More Testimonials