“Each spring semester, I use the various concentrations of Hormex in an experiment in which we study the effect of applying rooting hormones in powder or liquid form on rooting Photinia fraseri (Fraser Photinia) cuttings. This is an effective way of showing students that hormone concentration can influence rooting of cuttings. Hormex is the only hormone that shows great results year after year.”
Professor Janet C. , OK State University

“Hormex rooting powder #8 and #16 have been indispensable for my cannabis plants. I am a master grower who has most recently been a part of the Emerald Cup 2016 in Northern California and wouldn’t use any other rooting product. I’ve tried plenty and I just keep coming back to Hormex. I don’t like using gel based products at all. Aside from not rooting nearly as well, you can end up with root rot and a few other issues if you’re not careful. The #8 is great for most of my strains but I use #16 on my really hard to root ones. No one else has a product even close to it. I shouldn’t be giving away any of my secrets but I just can’t help but share. I wish I could post pictures of my results.”

Anonymous, Emerald Cup 2016 Contestant

Hormex Rooting Powder #8… “Anyone who doesn’t get results isn’t using it right. I can’t believe how well this product works! WOW! Tried 2 other products and they don’t even come close. My tomato plants look amazing. I have a few friends who recommended this to me for years. I finally bought some and it actually worked. I have a bottle of the liquid Hormex as well. Makes all my plants grow healthier, faster and more vibrant. I’m in shock how well these products work.”

Visions4all, Online Review

On Hormex Rooting Powder #8 – “Excellent product for propagators of woody and semi-woody plants. Stronger than most other commercially available rooting compounds and often is the solution to problems where other compounds have failed to induce rooting. Bushy, leafy plants tend to be woody or semi woody, and this product is a fail-safe for when you can’t take chances on misfires. There are two more even stronger compounds available from this manufacturer as well. They are for semi-hardwoods and such.”

Derek, 5 Star Amazon Review
“I guess it’s been 22+ years since I first started using Hormex. Every plant I divided, and also the ones that I repotted, always got a ‘dose’ of Hormex to help them get established. However, it wasn’t until I switched from houseplants to orchids that I really came to appreciate the wonders of Hormex. I now have a greenhouse full and am an American Orchid Society accredited Orchid judge. Anytime I repot or divide an Orchid, it gets some Hormex – or what I call ‘Repotting Magic’. I believe the Hormex gives plants that ‘something extra special’ to help suppress the trauma of repotting, and I have received several AOS awards which to me are proof of its ‘magical’ abilities. I even use it when I cut an Orchid inflorescence to display on my windowsill. The inflorescence lasts for several weeks.”
Alice, American Orchard Society Judge

“My hibiscus plant responded immediately to the first watering with the Hormex and water. It has continued to recover from leaf loss and has new leaves growing. Before the Homex treatment every watering resulted in leaves yellowing, then dropping off; the hibiscus. was greatly stressed by bringing it indoors. I also noticed it was stressed from being root bound. Hormex relieved the stress. I really love Hormex!”

Lightellen, 5 Star Amazon Review