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Anyone who doesn't get results isn't using it right. I can't believe how well this product works! WOW! Tried 2 other products and they don't even come close. My tomato plants look amazing. I have a few friends who recommended this to me for years. I finally bought some and it makes all my plants grow healthier, faster and more vibrant. I'm in shock how well this worked.

Visios4all - 5 Star Amazon Review

The Hormex No.8 is great for medicinal clones. I was having poor success with the other brand on the shelf and after some research found that Hormex had 5 different strengths of rooting powder. I get roots coming through the peat pellets in 5-7 days and the clones are hard in 8-9 days.

5 Star Amazon Review

Hormex Rooting Powder #8 and #16 have been incredible with my medicinal grow. I've tried gels in the past but nothing roots as fast or is as consistent as Hormex rooting powder. I also no longer have issues with root rot that I was getting using gel. Much better!

Amanda, Online Customer

No more wasted time and money on other products that don't work as well and take longer. Hormex #3 works great for my roses. Highly recommended. Just picked up the vitamin hormone concentrate as well but haven't tried it yet.

Samantha, UC Santa Cruz Staff

Hormex is an excellent product to aid in reducing transplant shock, and building a healthy root system in young plants. I used it professionally, for many years, in my landscape business.

Janet, 5 Star Online Review

Excellent product for propagators of woody and semi-woody plants. Stronger than most other commercially available rooting compounds and often is the solution to problems where other compounds have failed to induce rooting. Bushy, leafy plants tend to be woody or semi woody, and this product is a fail-safe for when you can't take chances on misfires. There are two more even stronger compounds available from this manufacturer as well. They are for semi-hardwoods and such.

Derek, 5 Star Online Review



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The Fastest Way to Clone Plants from Cuttings

Hormex Rooting Powder is used to clone plants, including fruits and vegetables from cuttings easily. Fine tune your cloning by picking the perfect strength rooting powder for your plant variety. With over 60 years of experience cloning plants, it was clear to us that just one strength wouldn't cut it. No pun intended haha! We have researched and tested as many plant varieties as possible to ensure we match up the perfect amount of rooting hormone per plant. One aspect of cloning that is often overlooked is the speed at which the cuttings root. Speed is a huge factor in successful cloning because the faster a cutting roots, the faster it can be moved to the vegetative stage of growth and avoid potential issues. Our rooting powders work great with rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil and all other grow mediums. We use only premium ingredients for the healthiest plants possible.

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