Hormex Rooting Powder

Hormex Rooting Powders enable plant cuttings to consistently grow faster, stronger and healthier roots than other methods! Containing more targeted formulations and effective ingredients than other commercially available rooting products, we offer the solution where other products have failed. See for yourself why so many professional growers use Hormex Rooting Powders.

Product Highlights
  • Available in 5 strengths for the fastest rooting and highest cloning success
  • Clones plants from cuttings including fruits and vegetables
  • Works great with hydroponic, soil and all other growing mediums
  • Offers excellent support for air layering and grafting
  • Is used by some of the world’s top propagators
  • Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings naturally
  • Is alcohol, dye and preservative free for healthier clones
  • Ensures proper oxygen levels
  • Works optimally with Hormex Rooting Cubes
  • Only Hormex is Hormogenized™, the exclusive process that assures consistent plant growth

Hormex Rooting Powder #1

1,000 PPM 

0.01% IBA

Hormex Rooting Powder #3

3,000 PPM

0.03% IBA

Hormex Rooting Powder #8

8,000 PPM

0.08% IBA

Hormex Rooting Powder #16

16,000 PPM

1.6% IBA

Hormex Rooting Powder #30

30,000 PPM

3.0% IBA