Hormex Rooting Powder #8

Hormex Rooting Powders
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COMMERCIAL SIZES: 1, 6, 12, & 50LB

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Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder is used to root new plants from cuttings easily. Fine tune your cloning by picking the perfect strength for your plant variety. Over the last 60 years supporting and working with growers we know only one strength doesn't cut it. No pun intended haha! We have researched and tested as many plant varieties as possible to ensure we match up the perfect amount of rooting hormone per plant. One aspect of cloning that is often overlooked is the speed at which the cuttings root. Speed is a huge factor in successful cloning because the faster a cutting roots, the faster it can be moved to the vegetative stage of growth and avoid potential issues. Our rooting powders work great with rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil and all other grow mediums. We use only premium ingredients for the healthiest plants possible. Hormex products are used by some of the most successful growers and have been featured in many national publications over the years. Let's make sure you have the right strength for your plants.

Hormex products have been proven by professionals and university studies to have the highest cloning success rate compared to  other methods!

FASTEST ROOTING POWDER FOR PLANT CUTTINGS: Hormex rooting hormone powder is a unique product that encourages the natural process of rooting new plants from cuttings. Please check the list of plant varieties and rooting powder strength in the product photos.
SUITABLE FOR ALL GROW MEDIUMS: Accelerate strong and healthy roots with this root stimulator for plants that are excellent for all grow mediums like Rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil, clay pellets, and more. As an added bonus, it also helps prevent root rot and sagging cuttings.
NO BAD STUFF: Our root hormone for cuttings is an excellent powder to use even on the toughest and hard-to-root plants, like juniper, grapes, tomatoes, and more. It is made with no alcohol, dye, or preservatives, which is especially important when plants are for consumption.
EFFECTIVE FOR RAPID ROOT GROWTH: Hormex rooting compound consists of Indole-3-Butyric Acid, a plant hormone ingredient that accelerates root formation. It is used on various plant varieties to promote a healthy root system for flowers, fruits, vegetables and more.
EASY TO USE: Simply snip 3"-6" of the stem and lightly moisten the end with clean water. Dip about 1" of the base in Hormex root hormone powder and place in any plant starter medium. Manage humidity and light for optimal plant growth success.


how to use rooting hormone powder easy roots

As quickly as possible, make cuttings, dip in Hormex Rooting Powder, and plant in your preferred grow medium.

1. Moisten base of cutting with clean water or quickly dip in Hormex Vitamin B1 and Hormone Concentrate. Shake off excess moisture.
2. Dip base of cuttings into Hormex Rooting Powder.
3. Tap cutting to remove excess powder.
4. Plant treated cuttings in rooting media, being careful not to rub off rooting powder when planting.

PRO TIP 1: Remember to keep your grow medium slightly moist but not soaked and keep your new plants warm and in bright light, but out of direct sunlight. Many cuttings will also benefit from added humidity. This can be done by using a rooting cube tray with dome or even a clean clear plastic bag or container with a few small holes. Avoid letting the plastic touch the cutting.

Once the cuttings have developed roots, which can take anywhere from 5 - 12 days depending on the plant variety, replant them in another container with moist potting soil or other grow medium.

PRO TIP 2: To identify whether roots have formed or not, pull lightly on the plants. If they pop right out, they are not ready. If you feel some resistance, go ahead and repot.

PRO TIP 3: Never place unused rooting powder back in container to prevent possible contamination. While not common, it is best to avoid this variable.