HORMEX Rooting Powder Pack  #1, 3, 8

HORMEX Rooting Powder Pack #1, 3, 8

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This product is a combo pack with 3 bottles. Each bottle contains 3/4 oz of Hormex Rooting Powder. This pack is often referred to as our Low Strength Home Gardener’s Pack.

Rooting Powder #1 – such as Tender houseplants and flowers such as African violet, Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Coleus, Fuchsia, Geranium, Hydrangea, Philodendron, Pothos, Raspberry, Sage and more.
Rooting Powder #3 – such as Arbor-vitae, Azalea, Blueberry, Camellia, Daphne, Elder, Juniper, Ivy, Pyracantha, Rose, Sequoia and more.
Rooting Powder #8 – such as Azalia arborescens, Begonia, Birch, Boxwood, Grape, Cannabis Sativa, Holly, Junipers, Lilac, Maple Oak, Orange, Privet, Rhododendrons and more.

Product Highlights

  • Available in 5 strengths for the fastest rooting and highest cloning success
  • Clones plants from cuttings including fruits and vegetables
  • Works great with hydroponic, soil and all other growing mediums
  • Offers excellent support for air layering and grafting
  • Is used by some of the world’s top propagators
  • Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings naturally
  • Is alcohol, dye and preservative free for healthier clones
  • Ensures proper oxygen levels
  • Works optimally with Hormex Rooting Cubes
  • Only Hormex is Hormogenized™, the exclusive process that assures consistent plant growth