Hush Your Mouth

Or more properly, cover it and your nose, too, when working with dry materials like peat and perlite. These two make a fine rooting mix in a 1:1 ratio, and bagged mixes are available as ‘soil-less potting mix’ like the Metro Mix products. Their packages seem to weigh nothing because they are bagged very dry and are incredibly dusty. You know you should wear a dust mask when mowing and trimming and this is another task you do not need to inhale. Don your mask and pour the mix into a bucket, add water slowly and stir with a trowel until the mix is damp. Fill pots, flats, or a rooting box with the mix. It is essential for success to stick cuttings in one motion: Make a fresh cut on the stem, roll it in Hormex Rooting Powder dip in Hormex Liquid Concentrate, and slip the cutting into the mix.

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