Inducing Callusing on Dormant Vitis Vinifera Grape Vine Cuttings

Q: I wanted to inquire as to which of your products is best for inducing callusing on dormant vitis vinifera grape vine cuttings. following callusing I would root the cuttings in tube pots would you use any other of your products when planting into tube pots. I do have bottom heat in my green house. Thank you.

Here’s my answer and then some additional comments.

A: Hormex #8 rooting powder is recommended for grape vine cuttings to assist in callus formation and subsequent rooting. When you move them up to the tube pot, I would suggest adding Hormex Liquid Concentrate to the water monthly during rooting. Mixed at 1t/gallon of water, HLC has done a good job for me in similar situations.

I visited your website,, and am very pleased to make your acquaintance. Congratulations on your most recent awards! Since you are more than experienced in the field, I want to tell you about my grape vine. My radio audience includes amazing gardeners like Joe Mobley. At 90 years old, he takes as his mission to pass along what he knows and grows. He picks bushels of bunch grapes in east central Mississippi, heat and humidity be damned, because he grows from the same vines that his grandmother did in the 19th century.  There are many who attempt bunch grapes here, but very few who succeed. Lately he has been propagating by layers to spread the grape vines around to his family and brought one to me even though I live in a warmer zone where muscadines thrive. The Mississippi Blue grape as he calls it has made it through 2 stressful summers and I have great hopes for its future.  Having lived in California, I know the chances for bunch grapes here in the South are always slim, but I am determined to try, for Joe’s legacy.

It is wonderful to hear from you, and please let me know if we can be of further assistance.

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