Lucky Breaks

There are lots of ways to root leaves and when a catastrophe give you plenty of fallen ones, put them to good use. Here are 3 kinds of leaves you can root using Hormex products:

  • Leaves that need to heal over, or callus, before cloning
  • Leaves that need a stem to support them in propagation
  • Leaves that can be cut to give rise to new plants

Callus forms in a few days on the cut end of plants that leak sappy fluids like poinsettia and some sedums. Be patient before potting! Any healthy leaf from an African violet or Gloxinia plant can be the source of many more if it has a few inches of stem to get it going. Their leaves and those of other plants with nice petioles like Rex Begonia can be rooted, too, by wounding the leaf and encouraging it with Hormex.

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