Propagating Orchids

Making divisions is one of several ways to propagate orchids and it is better done in spring with hopes of new flowers in one year. Gently slip the orchid to be divided out of its pot onto a bench or tray. If it is difficult to get the rootball out of its pot, break the pot rather than wrench the roots. Shake off any loose soil and inspect the plant for obvious places to make divisions that will yield strong shoots and plenty of roots for each one. It’s best to get a strong mess of roots, at least one new shoot and 2-3 backbulbs in each division. Use a sharp, single-bladed knife to slice straight through the crown tissue and roots in one motion. Soak the bare root orchid plant in a solution of Hormex Liquid Concentrate mixed at 1 teaspoon per gallon of water before planting.

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