Rooting For Love

When someone gives you a plant and asks you to root it for them because it is the most precious plant in their collection, the pressure is on no matter whether it is a common plant or a real rarity. The goal in this case is to root English ivy, but it also applies to any vining ground cover like perennial vinca or jasmine. All will root in just a few weeks if you put their flats in the shade and water them weekly with Hormex Liquid Concentrate mixed 1 T/1 gallon of water. Many times the goal is to plant vining ground covers under trees, so to root ivy that is easily transplanted to the landscape is also important. It is also true that vines can develop roots at each joint as well as at the tip of the cutting. That combination of factors calls for rooting in a shallow flat to accommodate 4-6 inch pieces of vine and to encourage roots to grow wider than deep. Mix a rich mix that will drain well, too. You can combine a good quality potting mix with ground bark, coarse sand, or perlite to fill the flats. Roll the entire cutting stem in Hormex Rooting Hormone #3 or #8 if the vines are woody. Nestle the cuttings into the flat of damp mix and water them in. Remember to put them in the shade and water weekly with Hormex Liquid Concentrate.

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