Rooting Woodies in Autumn

At this time of year and frankly, because pure green cuttings of woody plants are much harder to clone, you will also want to strip some bark before sticking. Here’s what to do: take 6 inch tip cuttings, longer if you are not using a single blade knife and thus will have to recut before sticking. Make a single cut on a slight diagonal and strip the leaves off the lower half of the cutting. Now use your knife to scrape off just the outside of the bark on the bottom inch of the cutting. Roll the cutting in Hormex #3 or soak them for 5 minutes in undiluted Hormex Liquid Concentrate and then slip the lower 3 inches into the rooting mix. Put the pots outdoors in a low light protected location, water weekly, and mist or drape with removable plastic to keep the humidity levels up and leaf loss down while rooting. Cool weather is fine, freezing weather is not, so prepare the outside area accordingly.

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