What Strength Rooting Powder Should I Use?


There are many variables that influence the successful cloning of plants. At the forefront is the consistency of the atmospheric conditions. However, there is another vital factor that growers focus on to increase not only the percentage of clones to successfully take root but also the speed at which the clones develop roots. This vital factor is the rooting hormone. This is where Hormex Rooting Powder comes into play. Our Rooting Powder comes in 5 strengths and contain higher quality and levels of effective ingredients than other commercially available rooting products. This is why so many professional and hobbyist gardeners use it. It needs to be mentioned that Hormex Rooting Powder does not contain unnecessary fillers or additives, such as dyes, alcohol, or preservatives for healthier cuttings / plants. No other rooting product or method will root and grow plants as fast and healthy as Hormex Rooting Powder. Therefore, you get truly unrivaled cloning success!

* For plant species or varieties that are not listed, always start with a lower strength first. Hormex Rooting Powders #3 and #8 are the most popular and well rounded. Especially relevant, always keep in mind that a higher strength doesn’t always mean better or faster rooting. Most plant varieties use #8 or lower.

If you still aren't sure, email us the unlisted plant varieties or species and we will reply to your email with the proper strength and update the list within 24 hours. Even on weekends!