Portable Greenhouse

If you’re anything like me then you’ll still have a number of plants in your garden that have been prepped for propagation over the summer but are still waiting to be pruned. If there are those looming factors of time and space holding you up (not having enough of both), then there is no reason to fret as you might still be able to gain a few more weeks before everything completely freezes by following a few simple steps.

The most important thing to do is protect against the morning frost. First, lightly water around the plant in the early evening along with applying a foliar spray solution of 2 – 5 mL of Hormex Concentrate per gallon of water every other day. This will actually help to raise the surrounding relative humidity and temperature as well giving a hormonal boost to meristems. The typical go-to method is to use a clear plastic trash bag, clear bags are best so as to catch the rising morning sun thereby creating a warmer and more humid environment, essentially a mini green house. There are those who swear by black plastic bags for snow days to capture more heat. If you’re not already deep in snow or the temperatures aren’t close to freezing yet, then take off the bag for a majority of the day and reapply in the evening. Also, for smaller plants there is the other go-to method of the gallon jug with the bottom cut out. This is also the perfect time of the year to use those extra Turkey bags.

For plants in pots, a great way to help keep them from turning into popsicles is to wrap the container in bubble wrap for a thermo-insulated barrier or for even colder weather, try old wool blankets. If you’re willing to invest in new wool blankets for your plants, you might also consider wrapping the pots with heated seed starting mats. Whichever methods you choose to use for your garden, here’s to looking forward to keeping the ice from eliding to leaves and the possibility of a clonal finish to the growing season.

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