Rooting Gel Vs Rooting Powder


Rooting gels are known to create optimal conditions for root rot. Root rot is caused by high moisture and low oxygen. In addition, they contain preservatives and often times alcohol which are known to inhibit plant growth. Without these preservatives the bottle of gel would end up a mess of mold after a few weeks. Due to the nature of rooting gels they create a barrier which does not allow proper oxygen to the plant through the root system which is critical for proper growth. Root rot is particularly damaging in hydroponic / aeroponic systems, as these recirculating systems provide ideal conditions for rapid growth and spread of spores. One infected plant can quickly spread rot to all plants if the system has an interconnected irrigation system.


Rooting Gel Vs. Rooting Powder. Root and grow plants from cuttings, including fruits and vegetables, faster and healthier than ever before with our multi-strength rooting powders. Available in five strengths to ensure the perfect level of accelerated root growth. Due to the nature of our rooting powders, they provide anti-fungal properties which helps to prevent root rot. In addition, you don’t need to worry about effecting your pH levels since it is a powder, not a gel. These rooting powders are used by some of the world’s top growers and have been proven to produce roots faster and more uniform than any other available rooting product. Truly unrivaled cloning success! Please visit our Hormex Plant Guide to find which cloning powder is best for you. If your plant variety is not listed, please start with our Rooting Powder #3 as it is the most well rounded. If you know your plant is hard to root, try our Rooting Powder #8 (grow the best tomatoes you’ve ever had and more).

Available in residential and agricultural use sizes. 

Some product highlights:

  • 4 strengths for all plant varieties.
  • Excellent for hydroponics and aeroponics and in all growing mediums.
  • Helps to prevent root rot in cuttings without the use of fungicides or herbicides.
  • Allows proper Oxygen levels.
  • Alcohol and preservative free.
  • Grow abundant fruits and vegetables.
  • Hormex Rooting Powders are offered in various strengths to insure consistent, successful and vigorous rooting of “easy to difficult” plant varieties.
  • Only Hormex is Hormogenized™ – our exclusive process that assures consistent, rapid plant growth.