Hormex Rooting Powders - Why We Have 4 Strengths

When it comes to taking cuttings, using rooting powder will increase the chances of your cutting taking root and growing into a mature plant. Effec...

Before the Fall (ends)

Now that it has been over a month since the Autumnal Equinox, have you had a chance to begin propagating your favorite plants? Well if the answer is “no,” then you’re not alone. But, if you want to have an array of say those beloved Veronicas blooming by next year, then now is the time [...]

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Common Houseplant Issues & Remedies : Part 1

We all love our houseplants, but sometimes it feels like they don’t love us back. You give them all the care in the world, but it seems like you come home each day to curled or yellowing leaves, droopy stems, or just a nagging suspicion that your houseplant is not thriving. You’ve given it ample nutrients, it has the perfect amount of indirect sunlight, and you’ve made sure it has plenty of water. So why isn’t it blooming? Here are 3 common issues that emerge in houseplants and how to resolve them.

Advantages of Propagating by Cuttings Vs Seed

Propagating by cuttings has a lot of advantages compared to re-seeding, and it’s especially valuable if you have a clear winner among your crops. When you have a plant that grows larger, has a greater yield, or flowers beautifully, crossing it with other plants can diminish some of its desirable traits.

Taking a cutting means that your perfect plant will stay perfect. Once your cutting takes root and begins to grow, your new plant will be genetically identical to the plant it was cut from.

How Hormex can help your grass during a heatwave or drought

Summer heatwaves and droughts are spreading across the USA, causing some cities to restrict water usage. When there’s a limit on water use, lawn maintenance is one of the first things that is scrapped. But there are ways to cut back on the amount of water your lawn needs to be healthy, and it all starts with the root. So even if you aren’t experiencing a drought and you’re just looking to cut back on your monthly water bill, Hormex Vitamin B1 & Rooting Hormone Concentrate allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper and stronger.

What Strength Rooting Powder Should I Use?

There are many variables that influence the successful cloning of plants. At the forefront is the consistency of the atmospheric conditions. However, there is another vital factor that growers focus on to increase not only the percentage of clones to successfully take root but also the speed at which the clones develop roots. This vital factor is the rooting hormone. This is where Hormex Rooting Powder comes into play. Our Rooting Powder comes in 5 strengths and contain higher quality and levels of effective ingredients than other commercially available rooting products.

What is plant cloning and how does it work?

People have been cloning plants in one way or another for thousands of years. For example, when you take a cutting from a plant and grow it into a new plant (vegetative propagation), you are cloning the original plant because the new plant has the same genetic makeup as the donor plant. Vegetative propagation works because the end of the cutting forms a mass of non-specialized cells called a callus. With luck, the callus will grow, divide and form various specialized cells (roots, etc.), eventually forming a new plant.

How Do I Use Hormex Root Stimulators?

Excellent for all grow mediums and plant varieties including fruits and vegetables. Our premium Rooting Powder provides a healthy environment for cuttings and helps prevent issues like slow rooting, root-rot and sagging often associated with gel based rooting products. Be certain to choose the proper strength for your plant variety and you'll be on your way to some beautiful new plants in no time.

Advantages of Hormex Rooting Powder vs. Rooting Gel

Some growers have experimented with gel rooting hormone products. Although rooting gels can work to promote new root growth, there are some distinct advantages of using Hormex Rooting Powder hormone verses a gel form rooting hormone. First, and foremost, a gel rooting hormone has the tendency to coat the entire base of a cutting. This can actually impede oxygen reaching the critical places where new root shoots will form. In fact, a grower who uses a gel rooting hormone product is more likely to have “saggy” cuttings or those that develop root rot. Hormex Rooting Powder ensures that the cutting’s stem has access to the proper amount of oxygen it needs.

How to prevent over-callusing in aero systems?

Root production starts as soon as a stem is cut from its parent. This is called wound shock. The first reaction is the formation of callus tissue which protects the wound. Next, roots are produced. The formation of callus is necessary prior to rooting, although roots do not grow from the callus, but from the cambium immediately behind it. Rooting is encouraged by moisture, warmth and good aeration. However, there are times when over-callusing happens which makes it harder for your cutting to grow proper roots.

What are the different types of plant cuttings?

Growing new plants from cuttings is a great way to increase your stock in a relatively short time. Rooted cuttings are often sturdier than seedlings, and come to maturity faster, many of them bearing flowers and fruits much earlier than seedlings. 

Plants grown from cuttings are exact clones of the parent plant, so you know exactly what you’re growing, which is not the case with seed-grown plants. That’s why many gardeners prefer to grow new plants from cuttings even when they can be easily grown from seeds. Populating your garden with cuttings is very cost effective. A single plant can give you plenty of cuttings without jeopardizing its health and saves you a lot of money.

One of the many wonderful things about Spring

One of the many wonderful things about Spring, and there are many wonderful things about Spring, is the fact that it’s bug season.  Yes, bug season. Now, many people cringe at just the thought of bugs and they do so for many good reasons.  Unless you are an armchair entomologist who has an affinity for [...]

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