A Comprehensive Guide to Aeroponic Cloning

Aeroponic cloning is an efficient method of plant propagation that involves growing plants in an air or mist environment without the use of soil. Here's a detailed walkthrough with tips for successful aeroponic cloning. Remember, the key to successful aeroponic cloning is maintaining a clean and controlled environment. Regular monitoring and adjustments are crucial to ensure the health and success of your clones.

How Hormex Optimizes Plant Growth in Every Hardiness Zone

In the world of agriculture and gardening, hardiness zones are crucial. They guide us in deciding which plants are best suited to our local climate. These zones are based on the average minimum winter temperature and are divided into 10-degree Fahrenheit increments. Each zone represents an area where certain plants can survive the winter — the lower the zone number, the colder the climate.

The Often Overlooked Key to Successful Plant Cloning: The Right Rooting Powder Strength

Plant enthusiasts, gardeners, and horticultural professionals alike know that cloning plants can be both a rewarding and challenging experience. One of the essential steps in this process is ensuring that cuttings develop roots, which is where rooting powders come into play. Yet, not all rooting hormone products are created equal.

Air Layering Propagation in 9 Easy Steps

Some plants are easier to propagate than others. Even classical flowers like roses aren’t too difficult to propagate. However, when it comes to very woody plants, propagation is tricky, even for the experts. When traditional cloning methods may not work, we use a method known as air layering.

How Using a Rooting Compound Helps you Propagate Your Favorite Succulent Plants

So, what makes the succulent such a smash hit? The aesthetics are certainly a large part of their charm. Succulents come in a full rainbow of colors, so it’s easy to match the plant to your home decor. But beautiful plants are nothing new. Hobby and professional growers have been growing finicky yet beautiful flowers for centuries. 

How Rooting Hormones Work and Why You Need Them

Rooting compounds help propagate plants by providing the necessary hormones and nutrients for the development of roots on a plant cutting. When a plant cutting is taken, it no longer has the root system necessary to take up water and nutrients from the soil. As a result, the cutting must develop its own root system before it can survive on its own.

Hormex Rooting Powders - Why We Have 4 Strengths

Because there are 4 different concentrations of rooting powder available, using Hormex Rooting Powder allows you to select the most effective strength for your plant cuttings. If you want the fastest, most effective, and cleanest rooting hormone on the market, Hormex has the specificity you and your plants crave. Plus, all Hormex Rooting Powders are free of dyes, preservatives, and alcohol, so if you’re looking to clone consumable plants, use Hormex!

Before the Fall (ends)

Now that it has been a few weeks since the Autumnal Equinox, have you had a chance to begin propagating your favorite plants? Well if the answer is “no,” then you’re not alone. But, if you want to have an array of say those beloved Veronicas blooming by next year, then now is the time to get cutting. Prepping is typically the most laborious step in the process. Once everything is set up then you can just run through and “snip n’ dip.”

Common Houseplant Issues & Remedies : Part 1

We all love our houseplants, but sometimes it feels like they don’t love us back. You give them all the care in the world, but it seems like you come home each day to curled or yellowing leaves, droopy stems, or just a nagging suspicion that your houseplant is not thriving. You’ve given it ample nutrients, it has the perfect amount of indirect sunlight, and you’ve made sure it has plenty of water. So why isn’t it blooming? Here are 3 common issues that emerge in houseplants and how to resolve them.

Advantages of Propagating by Cuttings Vs Seed

Propagating by cuttings has a lot of advantages compared to re-seeding, and it’s especially valuable if you have a clear winner among your crops. When you have a plant that grows larger, has a greater yield, or flowers beautifully, crossing it with other plants can diminish some of its desirable traits.

Taking a cutting means that your perfect plant will stay perfect. Once your cutting takes root and begins to grow, your new plant will be genetically identical to the plant it was cut from.

How Hormex can help your grass during a heatwave or drought

Summer heatwaves and droughts are spreading across the USA, causing some cities to restrict water usage. When there’s a limit on water use, lawn maintenance is one of the first things that is scrapped. But there are ways to cut back on the amount of water your lawn needs to be healthy, and it all starts with the root. So even if you aren’t experiencing a drought and you’re just looking to cut back on your monthly water bill, Hormex Vitamin B1 & Rooting Hormone Concentrate allows the roots of your grass to grow deeper and stronger.

What Strength Rooting Powder Should I Use?

There are many variables that influence the successful cloning of plants. At the forefront is the consistency of the atmospheric conditions. However, there is another vital factor that growers focus on to increase not only the percentage of clones to successfully take root but also the speed at which the clones develop roots. This vital factor is the rooting hormone. This is where Hormex Rooting Powder comes into play. Our Rooting Powder comes in 5 strengths and contain higher quality and levels of effective ingredients than other commercially available rooting products.