Portable Greenhouse

If you’re anything like me then you’ll still have a number of plants in your garden that have been prepped for propagation over the summer but are still waiting to be pruned. If there are those looming factors of time and space holding you up (not having enough of both), then there is no reason [...]

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No media required – Aeroponics

It’s been said that hydroponics is the Cadillac of gardening. If that is the case, then aeroponics is surely the Ferrari. Propagating clones aeroponicallly has proven to be one of the fastest methods for producing roots. However, true to the analogy, aeroponic systems is a high performance model not only in the speed in which [...]

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Coco or Peat?

Remember to use a good potting soil.  But what constitutes a good potting soil?  Then the other questions arise. Coco or peat? What about cinders or expanded clay?  How do you choose the correct potting medium? Many of these factors are determined by the plant. Research the optimal soil conditions that a selected cultivar thrives [...]

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Watch the Salt

In our ongoing look at the health of plants and their surrounding medium, and for our ongoing fun in using dietary analogies, today we look at the detrimental effects of too much salt in the soil of potted plants.  Overly high salinity leads to the burning of roots and leaves and inhibits a plant’s ability [...]

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Hormex, fertilizers and you

“Is Hormex Liquid a fertilizer?” We hear this question a lot. The quick answer is no. Unlike fertilizers, Hormex is a growth stimulant. While there is not an N-P-K listing on the side of the bottle, you must remember there is more to feeding and nurturing plant growth than Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium. Fertilizers and Other Plant Supplements Humans [...]

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Succulent Success

Summer is a great time to begin propagating succulents as this is the time when many go through their most active phase of growth for the year.  Depending on your zone and whether they are growing indoors or outdoors, it is important not to treat all succulents in the same way.  As you can imagine [...]

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Serf and Turf

There is no need to become a serf to your summer lawn, committing mornings, evenings and possibly scorching afternoons, monotonously overwatering (where available) or worse, having to spray paint bald spots. How often have you agonized over whether that large brown patch in the middle of the front yard is just devoid of water or [...]

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Preventing the Attack of the Sick Clones

Prevent Sick Clones Prevent sick clones by using good cultural practices for early and prolonged success for needy growing plants. The most important cultural practice is good hygiene. From start to finish, keep the growing environment - from the propagation trays to the planting beds - clean and free of pathogens. This practice lets you prevent future [...]

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A Walk in the Park

In need of a little inspiration? Are Flickr, Pinterest and landscaping makeover shows just not cutting it anymore?  We’ve all been there.  And it’s easy to overlook the fact that even without the resources to completely redo your entire backyard in three days (ala makeover shows), making a few changes can reap big differences in [...]

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Tis the Season… for Gardening

‘Tis  the season… for gardening that is.  We’ve made it through what was for some a very frigid winter and for others a continuing exiguity of rainfall.  Nevertheless, with the Vernal Equinox having already come and gone, (“summer is coming!”) it is time to clean the rust off of the gardening tools and plan/t accordingly.  [...]

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Get a Vitamin B1 shot — for Your Plant!

With the change of season and some early heat waves, I began to notice the leaves of the Mandevilleas that curtain my front gate beginning to turn yellow.  Now, since I had been making sure to monitor the moisture level of the surrounding soil between watering’s.  And having already applied a slow release fertilizer a [...]

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More Media Notes

More Media Notes Choosing a rooting medium is an important step best taken with your ultimate goal in mind – a healthy plant suited for your growing style. Most plants that we root are intended to be moved into larger pots and space for rooting them is often at a premium. Some rooted cuttings are [...]

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