Hormex Rooting Powder Pack  #1, 3, 8 - Clone Easy to Moderately Difficult Plants From Cuttings
Hormex Rooting Powder Pack  #1, 3, 8 - Clone Easy to Moderately Difficult Plants From Cuttings

Hormex Rooting Powder Pack #1, 3, 8 - Clone Easy to Moderately Difficult Plants From Cuttings

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This product is a combo pack with 3 bottles. Each bottle contains 3/4 oz of Hormex Rooting Powder. This pack is often referred to as our Low Strength Home Garden Pack.

Rooting Powder #1 – such as Tender houseplants and flowers such as African violet, Begonia, Chrysanthemum, Coleus, Fuchsia, Geranium, Hydrangea, Philodendron, Pothos, Raspberry, Sage and more.

Rooting Powder #3 – such as Arbor-vitae, Azalea, Blueberry, Camellia, Daphne, Elder, Juniper, Ivy, Pyracantha, Rose, Sequoia and more.

Rooting Powder #8 – such as Azalia arborescens, Begonia, Birch, Boxwood, Grape, Hemp, Holly, Junipers, Lilac, Maple Oak, Orange, Privet, Rhododendrons and more.

  • The fastest way to root new plants from cuttings. Find the perfect strength.
  • Excellent for all grow mediums. Rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil, clay pellets and more.
  • Free of alcohol, dye and preservatives. Especially important when plants are for consumption.
  • Stronger, healthier roots for faster transplanting of all plant varieties.
  • Helps prevent limp cuttings during the first stage of growth.

Hormex Rooting Hormone Powder is used to root new plants from cuttings easily. Fine tune your cloning by picking the perfect strength for your plant variety. Over the last 60 years supporting and working with growers we know only one strength doesn't cut it. No pun intended haha! We have researched and tested as many plant varieties as possible to ensure we match up the perfect amount of rooting hormone per plant. One aspect of cloning that is often overlooked is the speed at which the cuttings root. Speed is a huge factor in successful cloning because the faster a cutting roots, the faster it can be moved to the vegetative stage of growth and avoid potential issues. Our rooting powders work great with rockwool, coco, peat moss, soil and all other grow mediums. We use only premium ingredients for the healthiest plants possible. This is important as many other products in this industry are not. Hormex products are used by some of the most successful growers and have been featured in many national publications over the years. Let's make sure you have the right strength for your plants. Click the "which strength for my plants" tab above.

Don't buy new plants... clone the ones you have!

These strengths also available in:
Residential sizes: 3/4 oz, 1 LB
Nursery sizes: 1, 6, 12 and 50 LB (

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Hormex Rooting Powder comes in 5 strengths to ensure the perfect level of accelerated root growth. Search for and click your plant variety below to jump to the strength for you.

If your plant variety is not listed and you are still unsure which strength is best, please email us and we will reply with the proper strength and update the list within 24 hours.

Hormex products have been proven by professionals and university studies to have the highest cloning success rate compared other methods!